By Jimmy Traina
May 01, 2013

Live From Pittsburgh...

Andrew McCutchen Andrew McCutchen

The Pirates haven't had a winning season since 1992, but, in my opinion, they have the best lineup intro video in Major League Baseball.

Jerry Jones Is Gonna Be So Jealous

The plans for the Falcons' new stadium, expected to open in 2017, are unlike anything you've seen before except on The Jetsons.

So Much Action On Twitter

Robert Griffin III caused a stir with some comments he made about being "held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness." Reds outfielder Jay Bruce got fed up with "fans" who have been pounding him about his slow start. And Orioles pitcher Jake Arrieta spent the better part of last night fighting with Baltimore fans. (I refuse to fight with people on Twitter, but you can follow me here.)

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Summer Rae Summer Rae ::

As you know if you've read Hot Clicks lately or followed me on Twitter, I'm a huge fan of WWE superstar Fandango. Last month, Andy Gray (@SI_Vault) attended the WrestleMania press conference, which Fandango crashed with a very attractive blonde. Since then, Gray and I have been trying to figure out who the blonde is. Cut to this week's Monday Night Raw, which featured Fandango and the blonde having a dance off and Jerry "The King" Lawler mentioning the Diva's name: Summer Rae. So, like any good journalist and reporter, I instantly Googled "Summer Rae." The first thing that came up was her Twitter page, so, of course, I clicked it. Much to my shock, I think I saw, "Summer Rae Follows You" on my screen. I couldn't figure out why this would be the case. But then I noticed the name "Danielle Moinet" on her background image. That name I knew very well because Danielle Moinet had been in Hot Clicks in 2010 and 2011, because she used to play in the Lingerie Football League. I tell you this long story because Summer Rae is today's LLOD.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I linked to an NHL Playoff Separated At Birth photo gallery in Tuesday's P.M. Hot Clicks. Today, we have 26 hockey players with and without their playoff beards.

Picking Up Girls Video Of The Day

Tip for the single guys out there: Just pretend you're Lionel Messi.

Jon Stewart Video Of The Day

The Comedy Central had quite an interesting take on the Jason Collins story last night.

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