By Jimmy Traina
May 01, 2013

Maybe He Wanted To Hear Gangnam Style?

Tommy Lasorda, PSY Tommy Lasorda, PSY :: AP

South Korean singer PSY crashed last night's Dodgers game in the fourth inning and started to dance to his new song, Gentleman. Former Los Angeles skipper Tommy Lasorda did not exactly get into the performance. In fact, he looked completely befuddled by the whole thing, which made for a very funny video.

Terrible Person

Here's a woman who stole a home run ball from a kid so she could throw it back on the field at last night's White Sox-Rangers game. On a side note, if you're someone who gets all excited because a fan threw a home run ball from an opposing player back on the field, please re-evaluate your life.

Let's Play The Feuds

Warriors coach Mark Jackson accused the Nuggets of dirty play against Stephen Curry after his team's 107-100 loss in Game 5 last night. Meanwhile, Curry got into a very minor spat with a Denver fan as he was leaving the court last night. Lastly, Golden State center Andrew Bogut used a two-handed shove on Kenneth Faried.

Lovely Lady Links Roundup

April Hobbs April Hobbs :: Picdesk

Thomas H., of The Hague, Netherlands, says, "April Hobbs please." I can't deny such a short and simple request from The Netherlands, so here you go, Thomas. ... Supermodel Helena Christensen still looks damn good. ... Valerie Van Der Graaf is a new Beach Bunny Bikini model.

Random Links

Royals outfielder Jeff Francoeur gave his third base coach a not-so-nice love tap last night. ... Here's Sixers center Andrew Bynum cutting a rug in Madrid. ... Braves pitcher Tim Hudson hit a home run off of Bryce Harper last night. Yes, you read that correctly. The pitcher hit a home run off an outfielder.

The Hot Clicks Podcast

If you're into very inside media stories or if you just want to hear me squirm, you will enjoy the newest podcast. On Tuesday I went very meta and interviewed my boss, Paul Fichtenbaum, the Editor of the Time Inc. Sports Group. We talked about this week's Sports Illustrated's story written by Jason Collins, the six-year anniversary of Hot Clicks, the challenges of the magazine business in 2013 and more. I even asked for a raise and a promotion. You can listen to the podcast below or download it to your mp3 player or download it on iTunes.

[audio|titles=The Hot Clicks Podcast=Paul Fichtenbaum joins the show|width=600]

Sports Video Of The Day

Tim Tebow getting cut + Taiwanese animation. Enjoy.

Live TV Video Of The Day

The Blackhawks have had a tremendous amount of what this season?!?!

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