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Prepare Your Ears

Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Jake "The Snake" Roberts

It was an eventful weekend for horrible singing at sporting events. At Friday's Dodgers-Braves game, legendary WWE wrestler, Jake "The Snake" Roberts sang Take Me Out To The Ball Game. It wasn't pretty. Meanwhile, Saturday's Memorial Cup in Saskatoon featured one of the most painful national anthem renditions you'll ever see.

And He Didn't Wear The Capri Pants!

Big props to Heat guard Dwyane Wade, who spent his Friday night at a high school prom in Coral Gables, Fla. Wade was asked to the big event by senior Nicole Muxo via YouTube.

Photo Of The Day

Redskins fans showed their love for quarterback Robert Griffin III recently by buying him and his fiance gifts off their wedding registry...  all the gifts off their wedding registry.

Closed Captioning Gaffe Of The Day

The hockey team in Chicago is the BlackHAWKS. This was an issue for whoever was working closed captioning during Saturday's Mets-Cubs game.

Lovely Lady Links Roundup

Olivia Munn :: Esquire

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munnappears in the new issue of Esquire. ... Theres Alexandersson is a new model you'll want to check out. ... Here's a gallery of celebrities at last night's Billboard Music Awards.

She Seems Like A Real Charmer

A guy accidentally spilled beer on his wife at yesterday's Mets-Cubs game when a home run ball came toward them. She responded by throwing her beer in his face.

Tattoo Of The Day

This can't possibly be real. Either way, it's a nice addition to the history of sports fans and their tattoos.

Sports Video Of The Day

Check out the catch made by Oregon State centerfielder Max Gordon against Oregon on Sunday.

Awards Show Mishap Video Of The Day

I never heard of Miguel until Twitter went nuts last night after he leg-dropped a poor, unsuspecting fan at the Billboard Music Awards. After you watch the video below, you can click here for FOUR versions of Jim Ross calling the legdrop.