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Um, No

Michael Jackson :: KMazur/Getty Images

Michael Jackson :: KMazur/Getty Images

Here's a college recruiting football story that involves one coach telling a potential player that he'll help him meet Michael Jackson.

Game 7

Will LeBron James get any help from his teammates tonight? Will Roy Hibbert call the media another hardcore expletive if the Pacers win? Will the referees play a big role in the outcome? I ask last question because if you keep up with Twitter (hey, follow me!) during a big NBA game, inevitably you see people going nuts about foul calls and accusing the games of being rigged, which always makes for a good time. So, before tonight's game begins, I want to know what you really think.

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And That's The Bottom Line...

WWE legend Steve Austinrecently analyzed -- and ripped -- Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo on his latest podcast.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Sage Erickson ::

Sage Erickson ::

Al Falco, of New Hampshire, says, "You need to feature surfer Sage Erikson in Hot Clicks.  She can boil the ocean." Obviously, Erickson is an extremely attractive individual, but I really had to make her today's LLOD after Al's excellent description.

He's Still Slumping

Dwight Howard's time in L.A. continues to be filled with tough moments. He recently lost a free-throw shooting contest to a newspaper columnist's daughter.


Major League Baseball umpire Jordan Baker has a major problem. He constantly throws his gum all over the field during games. He was particularly out of control this past weekend.

Game Of Thrones Video Of The Day

Here's a compilation (with NSFW language) of people reacting in real time to last night's shocking episode.

Duet Video Of The Day

Father and (young) son tackle the Beatles' Don't Let Me Down.