By Jimmy Traina
June 05, 2013

Dick Enberg, You Dirty Dog!

Dick Enberg Dick Enberg :: Andy Hayt/Getty Images

The legendary announcer had some tongue-in-cheek fun with two females fans who were sitting behind home plate wearing hot dog hats during last night's Padres-Dodgers game.

Now The Awful Umps Are Just Playing With Us

Home-plate umpire Tony Randazzo ejected Cleveland shortstop Mike Aviles last night AFTER THE INDIANS-YANKEES GAME WAS OVER.

This Is What Happens During A Blowout

Rangers outfielder David Murphy came in to pitch during Texas' 17-5 blowout lost against Boston last night. The lefty actually whiffed Red Sox outfielder Mike Carp. Meanwhile, Boston analyst Dennis Eckersley was caught dropping an expletive wondering how he was going to recap such a one-sided game.

Lovely Lady Links Roundup

Jennifer Love Hewitt :: Maxim Jennifer Love Hewitt :: Maxim

It was announced yesterday that Hot Clicks Nation favorite Jennifer Love Hewitt is pregnant with her first child. We congratulate her with this gallery and this video.... Model Melissa Riso, who was a LLOD last October, is back with a new gallery. ... Moldovan model Xenia Deli also has a new photoshoot on the Web.

That's A Lot Of Green

The Dallas Stars have unveiled new jerseys for next season.

The Banned List

I often forget that not all of you follow me on Twitter (which makes me sad, so follow me here) and that not everyone who follows me on Twitter reads Hot Clicks twice a day like they should (which makes me sad, so bookmark the Hot Clicks archive page). Sometimes, I'll start a conversation on Twitter and I have to bring it here, and today is one of those days. A follower sent me a tweet this morning with a plea to keep the steroids stuff out of Hot Clicks. I told him that steroids stuff has always been banned in Hot Clicks, which prompted a few people to ask what else is on the banned list. As of now, here is the stuff I refuse to cover in Hot Clicks (outside of extenuating circumstances): Steroids (media cares WAY more than fans), trick-shot videos (seen one, seen them all), dunks (a 7-foot guy dunking usually is not thrilling), UFC (no interest at all), anything Jose Canseco says (way too easy), Floyd Mayweather and his gambling antics (which NEVER includes a losing bet).

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day

The show last night asked people on the street what they thought of Kim Kardashian's and Kanye West's baby. Of course, Kim hasn't given birth yet. The responses were classic, especially the woman at the 2:14 mark.

Local News Video Of The Day

As Hot Clicks has said a billion times, NOBODY covers important stories like local news. If you need more proof, watch this hard-hitting report on a woman who had sex toys stolen from her car. (And before you even e-mail me, yes, it's real.)

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