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The Only Tim Tebow Report You Need

Rex Ryan, Bill Belichick

Rex Ryan, Bill Belichick

Yes, that's Bill Belichick giving Rex Ryan a wedgie. The scene comes from this NMA.tv news report on the Patriots signing Tim Tebow.

Worst Brawl Ever

The benches cleared in last night's Red Sox-Rays game after Boston pitcher John Lackey nailed Rays outfielder Matt Joyce with a pitch because Joyce was a little too celebratory for Lackey's taste, but nothing really happened.

In A Fog

The Cubs and White Sox both had home games last night. There was MAJOR fog covering the Chicago area. The scene at both stadiums was amazing.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Lisalla Montenegro :: Jerome Duran

Lisalla Montenegro

Normally, we do a links roundup in A.M. Hot Clicks but this new video of Brazilian bombshell (and MLB WAG) Lisalla Montenegro (via her website) is so good, we're letting it stand on its own.

Pay Attention, People

I know baseball can be a slow sport, but can we stop with the iPads and newspapers at games, please.

Keep Your Head Up

The downfall of Dwight Howard continues. He recently took a picture with comedian Kevin Hart -- and this was the result.

Sports Video Of The Day

This Padres fan REALLY wanted a home run ball.

[mlbvideo id="27923465" width="600" height="360"/]

Heartwarming Video Of The Day

Via ViralViralVideos.com comes this husband and wife of 66 years serenading each other while he was in the hospital. DO NOT WATCH IF ANYONE IS NEAR YOU UNLESS YOU WANT THEM TO SEE YOU CRY.