By Jimmy Traina
June 17, 2013

He's Awesome, Baby!

If you follow ESPN college basketball broadcaster Dick Vitale on Twitter, you know that he is sort of like the Perez Hilton of sports broadcasters. Vitale doesn't just bore the masses with college basketball opinions. He is on the pulse of pop culture and will often share his thoughts and interact with celebrities. Inspired by his best wishes for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West this weekend, here are some of Vitale's greatest pop culture hits.

Whale Of A Wedding

The Hartford Whalers haven't been around since 1997, but they still have a loyal fan base. This is proven tenfold by a couple that had a Whalers-themed wedding, complete with beer vendor and Zamboni.

'Bama, Of Course

Your latest over-the-top college football recruiting announcement includes a baby as a prop.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Model Jelena Kostic was a Lovely Lady of the Day in early April. She makes a well-deserved return appearance after alerting us to these new photos above.

Teaching The Technique

Here's an exclusive look at LeBron James' flopping coach in action.

Live TV Video Of The Day

A weather report... a murder trial... what's the difference?

Movie Mashup Video Of The Day

"We're not so different" is a standard line in film.

First Wedding Dance Video Of The Day

Want to feel totally uncool, totally uncoordinated and totally unworthy of ever dancing at a wedding again? Then watch this.

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