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Who Lip Dubbed Taylor Swift's "22" the Best: NFL Cheerleaders or Russell Westbrook?

Sandra Mu/Getty Images

Sandra Mu/Getty Images

We are experiencing an increasingly remarkable, hyper-connected stretch of human history right now, during which time mankind has developed the ability to record data and transmit it, almost instantly, across any number of mediums and devices, to innumerable recipients around the world. Naturally, people are taking full advantage of those technological advances and doing important, life-altering work like revolutionizing medicine or producing lip-dubs of "22" by Taylor Swift. Over the past two weeks alone, Russell Westbrook and cheerleaders from the Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints have done their best to ensure that, like all Taylor Swift songs, you will never, everrrrrr get the tune out of your cranium. Thanks, progress.

Who gives the most compelling performance?

Russell Westbrook starts strong but finishes quickly.

Miami's cheerleaders sincerely seem to be enjoying themselves.


The Saintsations gradually build up to bouncy choreography.


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