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Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks

A Classic

LeBron James :: Getty Images

LeBron James

Last night's Spurs-Heat slugfest was one of those games you can't even begin to sum up. I mean, after struggling for three quarters, LEBRON SHED THE HEADBAND AND BECAME A BEAST, FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!! Some other highlights from around the web after Game 6:

* Manu Ginobili complaining about non-foul calls + Don Draper = this.

* Mike Miller hitting a three-pointer while shoeless + George W. Bush = this.

* Heat fans gave up on their team, left the arena before regulation ended, and then tried to get back in, but got denied.

About To Pop

Being asked about Chris Anderson's performance (14 minutes, one point) and how he'd get his team ready for Game 7 led to a vintageGregg Popovich postgame press conference.

This Is What Happens When Tony Parker Hits Clutch Shots

As you can see below, pop culture mavenDick Vitale was at it again last night while Timberwolves forward Kevin Love also went with a strong Eva Longoria tweet after Spurs guard Tony Parker sank a couple of big baskets late in the fourth quarter.

Lovely Lady Links Roundup

Lucy Pinder :: Frank White/

Lucy Pinder

U.K. model Lucy Pinder, a LLOD in April, is one of the all-time favorites of Hot Clicks Nation, so you may enjoy this collection of her best photos. ... SI Swimsuit model Natasha Barnardhas a new photoshoot on the Web. ... Polish model Kamila Mackowiak has never been in  Hot Clicks before, until today.

Ridiculous Injury Of The Day

Rangers infielder Jeff Baker has landed on the disabled list with a strained right thumb. The injury came after Baker missed a high five with a teammate.

Beer Here!

The Mets celebrated rookie Zack Wheeler's first major league win (6 innings, 4 hits, zero runs) by coming onto the field and pouring beer all over him. That had to incense the all-mighty Bob Costas. (On a side note, you have to see how Mets pitcher Matt Harveylost his no-hit bid against the Braves yesterday afternoon in Game 1 of yesterday's doubleheader.)

Sports Video Of The Day

It's become tradition that baseball players throw their helmets sky high while rounding third base after hitting a walkoff home run. Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes put a different spin on that practice last night when he punted the hell out of his helmet.

Jerry Seinfeld Video Of The Day

The legendary comedian did a stand-up routine on last night's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Among the performance was a truly great rant about golf.