By Jimmy Traina
July 11, 2013

All-Star Shenanigans

Britney Spears :: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images Britney Spears :: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

I'll try to make this All-Star vote follow-up much shorter than the diatribe I went on it A.M. Hot Clicks. Let's just take a quick look at what took place on Twitter today.

The Dodgers used a signed Britney Spears jersey to get people to vote for Yusiel Puig.

The Nationals gave away the chance to throw out a first pitch if people voted for Yankees pitcher David Robertson.

Blue Jays pitcher Steve Delabar is buying meals.

David Ortiz offered a signed ball if people vote for Puig.

The Red Sox offered a signed Pedro Martinez ball if people voted for Puig.

I think this Tweet I received summed up this debacle perfectly (minus the idea of the Red Sox getting to the World Series).

Lastly, one of the American League players part of the final vote is Rangers pitcher Tanner Scheppers. We need to give special props to his wife, Jessica, who read A.M. Hot Clicks and was a good sport about my take. She also gets a tip of the cap for a solid Anna Benson reference while stumping for her husband.

This Is Outstanding

What a week for Andy Murray. He won Wimbledon, he had a guy get his face tattooed on a butt cheek (is that one word or two?), and now his historic victory has been immortalized in Lego-video form.

This Is What Happens

One-time Hot Clicks writer Brandon McCarthy was not happy with MLB Network's Mitch Williams referencing the pitcher's scary incident last year in which he took a liner to the head to make a point about pitching inside. The Diamondbacks hurler expressed this clearly on Twitter, which led to a hilarious mocking of Williams.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Veronica Assis Veronica Assis

Brazilian model Veronica Assis gets LLOD honors for the first time. I'm fairly certain this won't be the last time, either.

Great Time Killer

Eighty-two childhood photos of famous athletes. Enjoy.

Movie Trailer Of The Day

Ian Ziering + Tara Reid + Sharks = Viral Video.

Live TV Video Of The Day

One of the hosts of Fox & Friends threw a basketball in a little boy's face this morning.

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