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The Opposite Of A Vegetarian

Hot Clicks has always said we like athletes who are honest and real (hence our dislike of Alex Rodriguez). Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick has proven to be one of these guys. More proof came Tuesday when he Instagrammed this picture of lunch with this caption: "This is lunch..... I don't eat vegetables they make you weak!"

"It's One Of The Most Spectacular Ways You Can Get Your Arm Broken"

That quote is from an 11-year-old boy who got his wrist broken by a Cristiano Ronaldo free kick, but lived to tell the story and get a signed jersey.


Rangers television reporter  Jim Knox was very hyped up to interview fans at the ballpark after a Texas loss to the Yankees last night. But then this happened.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Courtney Prather ::

Courtney Prather

Model Courtney Prather gets today's LLOD honors.

T-Shirt Of The Day

If you still think it's hard to believe that James Harden isn't part of the Thunder, this Taylor Swift-inspired shirt is for you.

Today In Twitter

Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia has quit the social media service, but is praying for haters. Steve Nashis not allowed to Tweet anything nasty about his ex-wife. Brandon McCarthyzingedDonald Trump.

"Blurred Lines" Video Of The Day

Last week, we had the Rockets dancers trying their hand at the new Call Me Maybe. Today, it's the Buccaneers cheerleaders.

Local News Video Of The Day

Via comes this reporter who must have had the Anthony Weiner scandal on her mind.