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Big Papi's Big Outburst

David Ortiz :: AP

David Ortiz :: AP

If you missed it on Saturday, Red Sox DH David Ortiz, unhappy over a called strike, went ballistic in the dugout and destroyed a phone with his bat. The team had some laughs with this on Sunday by trying to repair the phone. However, all the exercise did was expose the Red Sox for having some grammar issues, as pointed out by AL East rivalDavid Price.

The Rock Would Be Proud

Here's more proof that the NFL and NCAA are completely lost for not allowing celebrations. Players from the Utah Blaze (Arena Football League) executed a solid People's Elbow in the end zone after scoring a touchdown on Saturday.

Enemy Territory

This was a good weekend for people who like to analyze Johnny Manziel's every move and crucify the kid for acting like a 20-year-old. The Texas A&M QB attended a frat party at the University of Texas, and things got very ugly.

Lovely Lady Links Roundup

Kate Upton ::

Kate Upton

Kate Upton, who blew up the Internet last week by tweeting the picture above, recently modeled a bikini designed by fellow SI Swimsuit model, Chrissy Teigen. ... Here's a new gallery from one-time LLOD, South African model Lauren Mellor. ... Tiffany Stanley is a model from Ireland who has never been in Hot Clicks until today.

I Don't Think Bill Belichick Would Do This

Few people in sports love attention more than Jets coach Rex Ryan, so it's not surprising he'd take a picture with a fan who was wearing a T-shirt that mocks Gang Green.

Sports Video Of The Day

If you want even more information on the Johnny Manziel story we mentioned above, the Taiwanese animators will catch you up.

Blurred Lines Video Of The Day

Not shocking that President Clinton loves the song of the summer.

Bicycle Bubblewrap Video Of The Day

Via, this is easily the dumbest and greatest video I've ever featured in Hot Clicks.