By Jimmy Traina
August 13, 2013

This Is What A Win Looks Like

Adam Eaton Adam Eaton

Let's recap all of the great things about the game-winning home run Diamondbacks outfielder Adam Eaton hit against the Orioles last night. 1. Eaton slides into home plate to avoid getting mobbed by his teammates; 2. Several teammates then rub Eaton's head; 3. Martin Prado picks up dirt, puts it down Eaton's shirt, rubs it all over his head; 4. Camera picks up a great shot of the home run ball floating in the pool; 5. Eaton then gets a Double Bubble bath during the postgame interview; 6. Eaton does part of the interview with the Double Bubble tub on top of his head; 7. Eaton gets a bucket of ice dumped on him; 8. Eaton then gets a towel thrown on his face.

Another Level Of Landscaping

I think the owner of this house is a Redskins fan.

Just To Clarify

I swear, this is not me.

Lovely Lady Links Roundup

Eva Marie Eva Marie :: Maxim

I'm a big fan of Total Divas on E!, and one of the reasons is the fiery Eva Marie, who happens to be in the new Maxim. ... Anytime Swedish model Johanna Lundback does a new photoshoot, Hot Clicks links it up. ...  This might be the best work Brazilian model Elisandra Tomacheski has ever done.

Athletes Love Their Animal Tattoos

Last week we told you about Lions wide receiver Chaz Schilens getting a tiger tattooed on his entire back. Today, we have Wizards guard John Wall getting a massive owl tattooed on the side of his body.

For No Reason...

You have to see these kids dressed in watermelons. Yes, dressed in watermelons.

Sports Video Of The Day

Check out the play pulled off by Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias last night.

[mlbvideo id="29653669" width="600" height="360 frameborder=" /]

Dog Video Of The Day

He's just having a catch with himself.

Breaking Bad Video Of The Day

This is what the show would look like as a romantic comedy.

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