By Jimmy Traina
August 21, 2013

He Just Blew Our Minds

Yesterday, we told you the VERY IMPORTANT news that LeBron James shaved his head and was going with the bald look. But today, LeBron Instagrammed this pic with the caption, "Couple pics from a shoot I had yesterday #FashionIsConfidence #IDoThis#ButIThoughtHeWasBaldThough#WorriedAboutMeRight LOL!"

Of course, all  I can think about is the classic exchange between Elaine and George. "YOU'RE bald!" "No, I'm not. I WAS bald."

Quote Of The Day

Washington manager Davey Johnson, 70 years young, explained today why players on the Nationals aren't capable of dating a porn star.

Let's See How People Freak Out Over This One

Since it's been quiet on the Johnny Manziel front for a few days, we'll be curious to see if people try to make a big deal out of the Texas A&M quarterback jokingly flipping the bird to a teammate in the locker room.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Spanish model Malena Costa gets today's LLOD honors.

Roger Goodell Strikes Again

In case you missed it, the NFL is now fining players for perfectly legit hits.

Sports Video Of The Day

Here's Mike Tyson playing Mike Tyson's Punchout.

Prank Video Of The Day

Via comes your basic  "husband makes his wife think he got electrocuted" trick.

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