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Friday's P.M. Hot Clicks

Anatomy Of A Non-Story

Colin Kaepernick :: Christian Petersen

Colin Kaepernick :: Christian Petersen

Earlier this week, ESPN's Ron Jaworski said Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick could be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, which caused everyone on the Internet to lose their mind. I was dumbfounded that the comment got so much coverage and didn't understand why people were treating this as a real news story. (Yes, that includes, too. ) Since I don't really watch ESPN outside of game coverage or pregame shows, I just assumed this was a social media thing. However, after viewing this brilliant video put together by the folks at Deadspin, you can see in real time how the Worldwide Leader helped push a non-story to benefit itself.

Dear Kobe

I love you on Twitter and I'm grateful for all the Hot Clicks material. However, if I may be so bold as to give you a suggestion, I'd like to recommend you relax a little with the hashtags. Also, happy 35th birthday.

Wrapping Up The Week has compiled the 15 best GIFs from the past week.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Stacey McMahon ::

Stacey McMahon

Australian model Stacey McMahon gets today's LLOD honors.

This Won't End Well For Ian Poulter

The golfer seems hellbent on getting rid of the "Baba Booey" shoutouts at golf tournaments. He got a fan kicked out of a tournament on Thursday for the disruption, and the Howard Stern show is aware.

The Life Of An Athlete

The Arizona Diamondbacks held their fantasy football draft in the team's hotel last night. The set up was pretty sweet.

Packing Video Of The Day

Mind blown. (Thanks to Rocky, of Fresno, Calif., for the video.)

Video Of The Day

People don't seem to be handling the news of Ben Affleck getting cast as Batman too well.