By Jimmy Traina
August 26, 2013

How They Got Started


Madden 25 has done it again. Last week, we brought you an excellent commercial for the video game featuring Arian Foster and Marshawn Lynch. Today, we have this gem starring Colin Kaepernick (complete with the 49ers quarterback drawing his chest tattoo as a kid) and Russell Wilson.

It's Good To Be The Houston Astros

Sure, the team is 43-86, but no franchise in Major League Baseball history has ever made as much money in a single season as the Astros.

Where's The Spellcheck?

Bucks center Larry Sanders has a new tattoo problem.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Clara Alonso Clara Alonso :: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

Spanish fashion model Clara Alonso get today's LLOD honors.

Odd, Yet Practical

If you're going to tailgate, I guess it pays to be as prepared as possible no matter how absurd you look. Case in point: This Texans fan who traveled to the stadium over the weekend with her own Port-O-Potty.

Aaron Rodgers Is Disgusting

The Packers quarterback has concocted a burger for patrons of Lambeau Field that includes peanut butter, Jalapeno, onion rings, ranch dressing and more.

Video Of The Day

Here's another reason you shouldn't use your phone while driving.

Social Experiment Video Of The Day

This may shock you, but men and women act differently when a certain offer comes their way.

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