By Jimmy Traina
September 04, 2013

What A Guy

Joe Maddon :: J. Meric/Getty Images Joe Maddon :: J. Meric/Getty Images

The Rays have struggled in recent weeks, but that hasn't changed manager Joe Maddon. The extremely-likable skipper proved this again last night when he took to Twitter to alert any Rays fans at the bar that he and the team were at that beers were on him.

It's That Time Of Year

Last week, we told you about a guy who was doing his fantasy football draft in a movie theater.  Today, we have a guy doing his draft inside an empty Nationals Park long after Washington's game ended on Sunday.

Just Rolled Off The Tongue

According to a sports anchor in South Carolina, there was a very interesting golf tournament last weekend.

Lovely Lady Links Roundup

Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera :: Maxim

Christina Aguilera is looking good in this month's Maxim. ... Kelly Brook is in the newest issue of FHM. ... Hot Clicks has never featured model Natalie Morris and after seeing this, we apologize for that.

Insult To Injury

It's bad enough to get your helmet twisted all the way around, but then to take a big hit is just cruel.

One Day Left...

To get in the Hot Clicks NFL Pick 'Em Pool and win a TV.

Sports Video Of The Day

It's not often you see a player make a catch while diving between the tarp and the fence, but that's what A's third baseman Josh Donaldson did last night.

[mlbvideo id="30308627" width="600" height="360" /]

Prank Video Of The Day

A voiceover guy follows people around and creates movie trailers out of unsuspecting people.

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