By Jimmy Traina
September 06, 2013

Epic Opener

Danny Trevathan Danny Trevathan :: Getty Images

Sure, the story of the Broncos' 49-27 win over the Ravens last night was Peyton Manning throwing seven touchdown passes, but we need to focus on Denver linebacker Danny Trevathan, who pulled the classic bonehead move of dropping the ball BEFORE entering the end zone on an interception return. If you played the Broncos defense for your fantasy team and lost because of it this week, please let me know on Tuesday. Also, to to reiterate the opening point, it was Manning who tossed seven touchdowns last night, not John Elway.

Even Better Than Seven TD Passes

Petyon Manning is now part of the exclusive Vino Club!

Top-Notch Customer Service

Ryan Braun is reportedly calling Brewers season-ticket holders to apologize for using PEDs. Actually, he's probably just sorry he got caught using PEDs, but I digress.

Lovely Lady Links Roundup

Via Via

The Eagles cheerleaders have released a swimsuit calendar. You can watch the unveiling here. ... The Dolphins cheerleaders recently held a swimsuit fashion show. ... The Jaguars cheerleaders went on location for their lingerie calendar shoot and made this video.

When Enemies Join Forces

Aaron Rodgers has teamed up with a couple of famous Bears fans to make a solid commercial.

When Billboards Go Wrong

UNLV is trying to sell tickets by using the image of basketball coach Lon Kruger. The only problem is that Kruger has been the Oklahoma coach since 2011.

Video Of The Day

This Giants fan couldn't hang his "K" and the frustration just built and built and built.

[mlbvideo id="30359143" width="600" height="360" /]

Twerking Mishap Video Of The Day

Saw this on Reddit and BroBible and people are tweeting it to me. I say fake, but who knows.

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