By Jimmy Traina
September 11, 2013

They're At It Again

Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon are known for doing the History of Rap, but last night, they teamed up to give us the Evolution of End Zone Dancing.

Alabama-Texas A&M Week Continues

We told you on Monday that fans were already lined up for Saturday's game and that CBS would have a "Johnny Cam" for the game. Today, we have this Johnny Manziel pinata, complete with Sharpie and cash, in an Alabama bar. Also, this Crimson Tide decked-out dog.

Random Links

If you had the Chargers money line on Monday night or were stupid enough to pick them to make the playoffs, you should be very angry. ... Arizona State had a lot of problems with its entrance last Thursday. ... Sammy Sosa continues to not look like Sammy Sosa. ...

Lovely Lady Links Roundup

Rocio Guirao Diaz Rocio Guirao Diaz :: Popoholic

This new gallery from Argentine fashion model Rocio Guirao Diaz is top notch. ... As is this one from Brazilian bombshell, Talita Correa. ... Model Zoe Duchesne has just done this photoshoot.

"One More Year"

The best thing about Cleveland's struggles as a sports city is that fans make some memorable videos about their misery. The hastily made Cleveland tourism videos (Part I and II) remain the best, but this Les Miserables parody about the Browns is very solid.

Sports Video Of The Day

Yeah, she's using a glove, and, yeah, she acts like she just won the lottery, but it's hard not to smile after seeing this video of a Giants fan catching a foul ball last night.

[mlbvideo id="30508429" width="600" height="360" /]

September 11 Video Of The Day

Every year on this date, we post the opening of David Letterman's first show after the 9/11 attacks as a remembrance of what that time was like in New York City.

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