By Jimmy Traina
September 11, 2013

With Friends Like This...


Ryan Bailey, says, "Hey, Jimmy. I love Hot Clicks and have been reading it for the longest time! I think I may have outdone myself from the last time I e-mailed you and got on Hot Clicks. I was the one with the group of guys that had the Gamecock tattoos on their ass while we went to Nebraska's campus to hang Gamecock gear all over their statues and monuments. I think this video would be perfect for Hot Clicks. My buddy Sean is a massive Clemson fan and I'm a Gamecock alum. He went on a week vacation for his birthday, so I decided to redecorate his room with South Carolina apparel as a surprise present. The end result is a great video that is starting to pick up a lot of views. It would be awesome if this could make Hot Clicks." It would be rude of me to not acknowledge the strong effort, so here is the video, complete with many F-bombs by Sean.

Quote Of The Day

"It's on Twitter, Instagram, I don't know, was Vine going then? It's on all that crap. I mean in Hong Kong, Beijing, Moscow. My s--t's going all over the place." That is Duke coach Mike Kryzewski talking about taking a picture with Jay Z and Beyonce, while revealing his love for Bey.

Stick To Betting Cash

A Redskins fan had to eat his own beard after Washington lost to Philadelphia on Monday night.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Model Kristen Renee gets today's LLOD honors.

Interesting Use Of Social Media

Colts owner Jim Irsay is sending orders to his players through Twitter.

For My Fellow New Yorkers

Rough couple of days for my beloved Sports Pope. Mike Francesa has had to deal with a messy studio and callers who like to get high.

Zack Morris Video Of The Day

How would the iconic Saved by the Bell character handle modern day problems? Find out below.

Commercial Of The Day

This might be the most powerful gum commercial ever.

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