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Thursday's A.M. Hot Clicks

"Sheriff McCann, Reporting For Duty, Sir!"

Brian McCann :: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Brian McCann :: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Self-appointed baseball policeman Brian McCann was at it again last night. This time, the Braves catcher got very angry with Carlos Gomezfor chirping before and after hitting a home run. The Brewers outfielder was still angry about getting plunked by Atlanta pitcher Paul Maholm three months ago, so he came to the plate looking for trouble and got it. As Gomez tried to round third and touch home, McCann blocked him off and triggered a brawl. Obviously, Gomez was out of line and acting like a buffoon (and apologized), but McCann had to take things to another level with his ridiculous behavior. This is the same McCann who got mad at Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez earlier this month for admiring a home run for too many seconds, according to the Braves catcher. This is also the same Atlanta team that got mad at Bryce Harper in early August for, again, admiring a home run in a way the Braves found offensive.

This Is How You Do A Twitter Insult

After seeing McCann's actions last night, I sent out what I thought would be a harmless tweet saying I'd be rooting against the Braves in the postseason. This did not sit well with some Atlanta fans, who took my tweet VERY seriously. I was called several curse words, was told to do all sorts of sexual acts on myself, was told to put all sorts of things in all sorts of orifices and was reminded than the Yankees aren't in the postseason. Since these are standard hate tweets and show a lack of creativity, they're easy to scroll past and ignore. However, I have to give one Braves fan who hates me a lot of credit for a solid, original response that literally made me laugh out loud.

He's Got Moves

After the Tigers clinched the AL Central last night, manager Jim Leylandbusted out the moonwalk in the locker room. Leyland also shed some tears and got carried around by Torii Hunter.

Lovely Lady Links Roundup

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Gio Ott :: David Becker/Getty Images

Gio Ott :: David Becker/Getty Images

We start things off with model Gio Ott and this fantastic photoshoot. ... Victoria's Secret's Bregje Heinenrecently modeled some bikinis. ... SI Swimsuit model Irina Shayk is back with some new must-see work.

He Did It All For The Cookie

Here's yourO.J. Simpson headline of the day.

Sports Video Of The Day

Awesome scene at Coors Field last night as Todd Helton homered in his final game there after 17 seasons.

[mlbvideo id="30951987" width="600" height="360" /]

Between Two Ferns Video Of The Day

So this is a dilemma. We have a new Between Two Ferns from Zach Galifianakis, which is always a good thing. However, this edition stars the Biebs. Trust me, though, it's funny. (Warning: Video contains strong language.)