By Jimmy Traina
October 16, 2013

Pun Intended?

Trey Metoyer :: AP

Oklahoma sophomore wide receiver Trey Metoyer was arrested for indecent exposure on Tuesday. Metoyer allegedly pleasured himself in front a female on Aug. 29 and Sept. 17. Sooners coaches knew Metoyer was going through these personal issues, and offensive coodinator Jay Norvell recently gave us this interestingly worded quote about Metoyer "He's going through some things right now. He's trying to get his hands around it. And so we just wish him the best as he works his way through that." Maybe Metoyer should stop trying to get his hands around it. Allegedly.

Not So Fast

Reports circulated yesterday that the NFL was thinking of adding a second game to the Thursday night schedule. However, NFL PR quickly squashed that rumor today.

NFL Uniform Police At Work

Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall has shared the letter he received from the NFL in which the league informed him that he has been fined $10,500 for wearing green cleats last week to promote Mental Health Awareness Week.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

The week-long tribute to the most memorable LLODs over the past 6 1/2 years continues with Brazilian bombshell Lisalla Montenegro. I think I've featured Lisalla approximately 492 times over my tenure at I even made a push for her to get in the SI Swimsuit issue. I don't know if that'll ever happen, but I do know she's engaged to another Hot Clicks staple, Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson (yes, he took the picture above), so that makes me happy. Anyway, Lisalla gets today's LLOD honors.

This Went As You'd Expect

The Dodgers had Will Ferrell announce their lineup before today's playoff game against the Cardinals.


No college football coach has a bobblehead quite like Kliff Kinsgbury, but that's what happens target="_blank">when you look like Ryan Gosling.

Mike Francesa Video Of The Day

The Sports Pope absolutely positively detests NBC's theme song for Sunday Night Football.

Kissing Trick Video Of The Day

Girls seem to really be impressed by magic.

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