By Brett Smiley
December 13, 2013

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Bolts Zap Broncos

Thursday Night Football's season closed on a high note with the Chargers 27-20 upset win over the Broncos at Mile High Stadium in a game that was particularly thrilling for: (1) anyone in a fantasy football playoff game against Broncos other than Andre Caldwell (come on, you were braced for worse than Manning's 289/2 TDs/INT); and (2) those of you who enjoy Phillip Rivers faces. Sinister Rivers is above. More Rivers face include shouting "dang it," slapping a shotgun snap away in frustration after a delay, and making some double-fisted expression of anger. If you want to go for a deep dive, go back through BuzzFeedSports' Twitter feed and look for many instances of "Phillip Rivers Face."

One of the plays of the game was the ~catch-and-hurdle by Chargers wideout and offensive rookie of the year candidate Keenan Allen. Although Allen's leap-turned-steamroll looked less like a hurdle to me and more like a version Liu Kang's bicycle kick move. After the game, Rivers wore not only a bolo tie but rattlesnake boots! He's got to be messing with us. Also check out Denver-area Mohawk Decal Guy, same guy who wore the Rockies hawk.

Stern Chokes on Water, Giggles

David Stern got a little too aggressive with some water last night and choked for a second before quickly recovering. My favorite part of that Vine is the way Stern smiles and laughs after looking toward the camera. If Stern has ever looked adorable, it was here.

Winter (Classic) Is Coming

Michigan Live has pictures of the Winter Classic truck pulling up outside Michigan Stadium, where crew will begin setting up for the New Year's Day contest between the Red Wings and the Maple Leafs. We can only hope that Rob Ford will attend.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Today's LLOD is newly crowned 2014 Maxim Hometown Hotties winner Rebecca Garcia of Atlanta, Georgia. She's both a former Falcons cheerleader and Braves Tomahawk girl. Get a whole lot more pictures here, plus follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Nigerian Prince Paging James Dolan

Raptors GM Masai Ujiri is currently engaged in talks with the Knicks about point guard Kyle Lowry. Ujiri, who wants some combination of Iman Shumpert, Tim Hardaway Jr. and the the Knicks 2018 first-round draft pick, has a history of beating the Knicks in trades (Bargnani, Melo when Ujiri was in Denver). This inspired Reddit user thatblacksamurai to imagine Ujiri's communication with Knicks owner James Dolan. It's perfect.

Just Go

Deion Sanders has urged recent Texas Rangers draftee Russell Wilson to seriously consider a career in baseball. San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York also weighed in on Wilson's career path.

The Time Shaq Put a Guy to Sleep

Grant Hill recently told a story about Suns-era Shaq getting into a verbal spat with Croatian journeyman Gordan Giricek. Hill said that Shaq put Giricek in a sleeper hold, for real, and Giricek passed out. That was Giricek's last season in the league. In other words, Shaq choked a guy out of the NBA. (H/T Jill).

Odds & Ends

Chris Paul broke Deron Williams' ankles last night, but Wiliams got revenge not once but twice (but neither time as good as Paul's) ... New Mariners acquisition Logan Morrison may want to lay off of Twitter for a while ... Melo leaves the Garden to go buy some Jordans ... Kevin Durant's new restaurant offers a "Baller Menu" for people who want spend more money than other customers ... Charles Barkley has a rough time attempting to kick a field goal, although it's not as bad as his golf swing ... Leave it to the Canadians to come up with this ingenious air hockey/beer pong hybrid.

Mystic Ceremony to Heal Aaron Rodgers

This dude really throws the kitchen sink of voodoo at getting Rodgers healthy, and it's glorious.

Throwback Music Video of the Day

Blues Traveler "Hook." (1994)


I've about reached my saturation point with Ron Burgundy on the small screen so this Champ Kind video with Colin Cowherd is a welcomed change of pace. Among other topics, Champ talks about getting fed by Ron and wanting to live inside him. Just watch.

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