By Dan Treadway
December 17, 2013

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Wade Phillips is in just his second week as the Texans interim head coach and it seems like he might already be running out of ideas to fix the team.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Phillips has been utilizing a new strategy to encourage his players to not get penalties during practice: Placing them in timeout.

"I was hoping that we would do better. Unfortunately, some of the penalties we had in practice carried over to the game. We had the players — if they had a penalty in practice — we took them out of the practice and set them on the side. Kind of a timeout. Something to embarrass them a little bit. We’re going to continue to do that. We’ve got to cut down on penalties."

While placing the guilty parties in timeout might be one way to embarrass the players, another strategy might be to show them game tape of their 25-3 pummeling at the hand of the Colts last week. Or maybe Phillips could kindly inform them that they were swept by the bottom-dwelling Jacksonville Jaguars this season. Or perhaps he could explain to them that they are a team of professional football players that has lost 12 games in a row.

Honestly, anything that doesn't involve putting them in timeout, because it seems like the very last thing that players on the Texans could really use right now is less practice.

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