By Sam Page
January 16, 2014

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UPDATE: The suspension has been lifted.

Two high school basketball players in Wisconsin have been suspended from their team because of the above photo.

Jamal and Juwaun Jackson of Sheboygan Falls High School were featured in a local newspaper story that ran with the above lead image. The brother on the left, Jordan, is clearly throwing up the three point sign, but some dumb parents called school officials anyway, complaining about "gang signs":

“I had no idea,” Jordan Jackson told TMJ News. “They told us it meant blood.”

“I did it like every other kid does it when they make a 3,” he explained. “When you make a 3, everyone does this sign. You’ve probably seen LeBron James or someone do it. I did the 3 in the picture, and my little brother pointed at the camera.”

District Superintendent Jean Born insisted to WHBL that the school followed the athletic code.

And Police Chief Steve Riffel said that he was “able to confirm that the sign was indeed a gang sign,” but he acknowledged that the young men posed no threat to the community.

Presumably they thought it was this one. Here's a picture of the police chief in question, too:



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