By Brett Smiley
March 02, 2014

Soldier Through It

The Blackhawks thrashed the Penguins 5-1 Saturday in the 2014 Stadium Series finale at Solider Field, a rout that remained thoroughly exciting thanks to a deluge of snow and nifty overhead camerawork. The flurries also created pond hockey conditions that, while familiar to many of the players, didn't make the playing of hockey any easier—watch the Blackhawks' Brent Seabrook lose the puck while taking it up the ice on a power play. How snowy was it? Let's go to The Weather Channel demonstration. In reverse?! Sure.

The Answer, Elevated to the Rafters

Cool scene in Philadelphia last night as the Sixers retired Allen Iverson's No. 3. Philly spared no expense for what was surely the most exciting moment of its current 15-44 season: A humbled Iverson was presented with a fishing boat named "The Answer" and a championship belt that reads "Pound for Pound one of the Greatest." Clearly the prolific scorer wasn't going to wear a suit, opting for more of a Run-DMC look. Go here for the full ceremony video or hit it here for the 7-second version, plus a salute.

Selfies With LeBron's Mask

LeBron's black mask was cool while it lasted, but he acceded to the league's urging to wear a clear mask. That didn't end the mask fun, however. According to ESPN's Michael Wallace, James tossed it to a couple fans sitting next to the scorer's table, and the duo kept taking selfies with it. Tweet (@brettsmiley) or e-mail ( if you spot images/video. In the mean time, watch Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers video-bomb James with a full nelson.

Cheerleader of the Week

Get to know Phoenix Suns cheerleader Brittney, a unique blend of country music and Call of Duty.

My friends would be surprised to know that: "I’m a Call of Duty nut. I find great joy in beating my boyfriend and all the boys."

The most played songs on my iPod: "I’m a big country fan. Yee-Haw. New and old. From Kenny Chesney and Carrie Underwood to Time McGraw and Faith Hill, even George Strait and Clint Black. Being a dancer, I do like a lot of tunes that make dancing fun. But mostly, I’m a country girl."

My worst habit: "That’s easy. I literally shop till I drop. Shopping malls and I share a magnetic attraction. I love them, they love me. My bank account doesn’t agree."

My celebrity crush: "Justin Timberlake. No doubt. He has the whole package. Handsome with that rugged look. Great actor, singer and dancer. Seems like the All-American, down to earth kinda guy. I’m sure Mom would approve."

Click here to see Brittney's full gallery.

Revenge of the Unranked

Five top-10 team men's hoops teams lost on Saturday, the highest total since January 2003: No. 4 Syracuse, No. 5 Kansas, No. 7 Louisville, No. 9 Creighton and No. 10 St. Louis. Top-ranked Florida and No. 2 Wichita State (now 31-0) won big, while No. 3 Arizona, No. 6 Duke and No. 8 Villanova had the day off.

But wait, there's more: No. 11 Cincinnati lost to unranked Connecticut, No. 15 Iowa State fell to unranked Kansas State, unranked South Carolina sunk No. 17 Kentucky (Coach Cal got tossed), unranked Illinois won at No. 18 Michigan State, and unranked Oklahoma whacked No. 24 Texas.


That means there were a lot of excited students out there (Fan of the day: this guy), none more than the Virginia faithful, which saw the No. 12 Cavaliers knock off Cuse for its first outright ACC regular-season title in 33 years. How jacked up were Virginia fans? Taylor Swift-concert pumped.

These College Football Concept Unis Are Cool

Bet you didn't think a Great Lakes map could look intimidating.

Look Away, Pistons Fans

Guess which former point guard has emerged as Pistons GM Tom Gores' reported top choice to take over the front office? Here's a hint: He murdered the New York Knicks. Every owner's BASE KNOWLEDGE should include the tenet: DO NOT repeat a James Dolan move of any kind. Misery loves company but I don't wish President Zeke on any team.

Odds & Ends

February ended so soon, but you can relive it with Extra Mustard's finest from last week ... Looking to bet the Oscars? Go on, I won't judge ... Apparently dashing onto the court to speak with Kyrie Irving (and getting tackled) is a thing in Cleveland ... Russell Wilson has now turned down Dancing With the Stars twice ... Dong Hyun Kim dropped John Hathaway with an elbow ... "I've never seen a fight before" ... New Reebok logo ... Crazy new MLB player tracking technology ... Cool marriage proposal assist by O.J. Mayo ... A young Clemson troll ...  Speaking of trolls, a thoroughly surprising study says Internet trolls may be mentally unstable in real life ...  Best True Detective theory I've seen yet ... Saving the best for last: Rob Ford will be on Kimmel on Monday.

Shaq & Chuck Visit SNL's Weekend Update

Jay Pharaoh and Kenan Thompson debuted this TNT duo back in November. I thought new anchor Colin Jost did a great job on his first Weekend Update go-around and look forward to more with him and Cecily Strong. If you want only the impression, jump to the 2:00 mark.

Just a Turtle With a GoPro Camera Strapped On

Moving at the speed of turtle.

The Time Nelly Out-Hail Mary'd Doug Flutie

Happened in a celebrity flag football game recently.

Iverson's 100 Greatest Crossovers

Iverson's No. 1 Greatest Presser

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