Free Agency Interrupted Brandon Browner's Agent's Beer League Hockey Game

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Schaffer with Macklemore, or, Macklemore with Schaffer. twitter/peterjschaffer


Yesterday, in the midst of the frenetic start to NFL free agency, sports agent Peter Schaffer was just trying to play some hockey. But then his phone started blowing up about what Schaffer claims were faulty reports that his client Brandon Browner had signed with New England (emphasis mine):

“It’s 100 percent untrue,” agent Peter Schaffer told PFT, refuting Ian Rapaport's report that former Seahawks CB Browner had inked a two-year deal.  “I’ve got four teams to negotiate with.  I’ve got irresponsible journalists who don’t check their facts putting this stuff out there, and my phone is blowing up when I’m trying to play hockey.”

“I’ve got very little patience for irresponsible journalists who put this stuff out and ruin my night,” Schaffer said.  “My phone is going nuts. I just wanna play hockey.

There's something oddly charming about Schaffer's furor over the interference with his rec league game, yet, this is a pretty crucial moment in his client's career. False reports or not, maybe he should put the stick down for a period, answer the horn, and SHOW BROWNER THE MONEY.

It's still unclear if Browner is indeed a Patriot, if Schaffer is still negotiating, or if he's playing Madden somewhere. A rough simulation of how the nuisances tormented Schaffer's  hockey game: