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Mike Tyson Highlights are Even More Fun with 'Street Fighter II' Sound Effects

What's better than watching Mike Tyson highlights? Watching Mike Tyson highlights mixed with Street Fighter II sound effects.

If you are wondering why the video changes Tyson's name to Bison, instead of Balrog, SB Nation's James Dator has you covered.

Fun fact: Characters in the Japanese version of the game have different names to their American counterparts, solely because developer Capcom feared a lawsuit from Tyson. The character we known as "Balrog" is "M. Bison" in Japan, yeah... that's a little too close to his name. Meanwhile the clawed Spanish cage fighter is "Balrog" while the final boss and psycho-powered dictator is "Vega."

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As a longtime Balrog fan, this video makes me particularly happy. Every true Street Fighter fan knows kicks are for nerds anyway.