TNT's Inside the NBA Crew Weighed in on Donald Sterling's Lifetime Ban Last Night

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Last night, the Inside the NBA crew kicked off their coverage by discussing the lifetime ban of Donald Sterling that Adam Silver announced yesterday afternoon. The general consensus, as it has been among other sources, is that the league made the right move by harshly punishing the controversial owner:

Ernie Johnson: "I felt proud to be covering a league that handled a situation like this as definitively and as boldly as it did."

Charles Barkley: "Everybody looks at this like it's an NBA thing. I never looked at it like that. Every person that goes to work should feel like they are appreciated."

Kenny Smith: "It was one of the proudest moments I had being in the NBA family."


"I give [Adam Silver] an A+. We all knew that he had a very tough decision in front of him and he was firm, he was aggressive as he possibly could be and he did an unbelievable job."