By Brendan Maloy
May 20, 2014

As anyone who has attended a baseball game at any level knows, it is hard to override your natural urge to try and grab any ball that finds its way into the stands, but the pursuit of a free baseball led to disaster for a handful of people already this week.

First up is a Red Sox fan who did not spend enough time working on agility drills in the offseason, and pays the price for it when trying to chase down a Torii Hunter bomb.

Next is an Indians fan who has the footwork to get into position on this Asdrubal Cabrera tossed souvenir, but the hands just can't bring it all together, and he ends up taking a baseball to the mouth.

And finally, we have a man who has the hand-eye coordination and the dedication to bring home the prize, but lacks the brain to realize he is about to crush an elderly lady under his enormous, dumb frame.

So next time a baseball is headed your way, follow the Extra Mustard protocol, and curl up in a ball so you don't get hurt and/or embarrass yourself.


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