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By Extra Mustard
September 19, 2014

We have very important NFL news: Giants coach Tom Coughlin does not know what an iPod is. 

At his press conference Friday, Coughlin was asked about the music being played during practice. He joked that the players told him to tell the media the music was coming from his—wait,what do you call it?

Coughlin couldn't come up with the name of the device, so the team's PR guy helped him out.

"What's an iPod?" Coughlin said. "I see everybody with these things sticking out of their ears all the time. What the heck. What, you need music to run? You can't exercise without that stuff? What the heck?"

It's kind of hard to fault Coughlin for this, seeing as he's 68 years old. But on the other hand, the iPod has been around for 13 years. Giants rookie Odell Beckham was eight years old when it came out.

- Dan Gartland

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