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By Extra Mustard
October 13, 2014

Newspapers are always giving the Cowboys a hard time. While there may be some merit to criticizing the team for three consecutive 8-8 seasons, turning their biggest win of the season into a loss is going a bit too far. 

Dallas beat the defending champion Seahawks Sunday to improve to 5-1, tied with the Eagles and Chargers for the best record in the NFL. Readers of the Huntsville Item, a daily newspaper in Huntsville, Texas, must believe they're living in an alternate (but honestly more realistic) universe where the Seahawks prevailed over the habitually mediocre Cowboys. 

Raiders fans egg Chargers team bus as it rolled into Oakland

"It appears to have been a lapse in communication or some other sort of human error between our news desk and sports desk," the paper told "The correct score and victory appear on the sports page. We’re still looking into the exact cause."

- Dan Gartland

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