Kyle Korver runs beneath shark-infested waters with giant rocks

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Hawks sharpshooter Kyle Korver gets paid to shoot a 22-ounce basketball. So why is he running along the ocean floor while carrying an 85-pound rock?

Outside Magazine has the story of Korver's crazy workouts, which he does only once a year. It's a concept his trainer, Marcus Elliot, calls misogi. The tasks are so gruelling they will hopefully leave a lasting impression. "If it’s hard enough," Elliot explains, "the lesson will last."

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This year's misogi​ involved a 5k relay along the ocean floor while carrying two different stones, one 85.2 points, the other 68.5 pounds. Oh, and the stretch of the Pacific they had chosen in Southern California had recently been the site of shark attacks. 

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For a previous misogi, Korver went on a nine-hour paddleboard trip across 25 miles of open ocean.

He's currently tied for the NBA lead in three-pointers made, so it must be working.

- Dan Gartland