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Former NHL coach Mike Keenan is working in Russia now, where he’s playing communist party founder Vladimir Lenin in commercials. 

By Extra Mustard
August 25, 2015

Former NHL coach Mike Keenan is over in Russia now, coaching Metallurg Magnitogorsk and starring as a communist revolutionary in his team’s commercials.

Keenan, dressed as Russian Communist Party founder Vladimir Lenin, stars in a silent movie-style ad promoting Metallurg’s upcoming season. Keenan’s assistants play his fellow revolutionaries and watch as Keenan scribbles down plays and sticks them on a bayonet. It’s really something. 

A Russian hockey team acquired 24 players in a single trade​

In this case the ultimate goal is not the uprising of the proletariat but rather a Gagarin Cup championship, and Metallurg won its season opener. Hockey players of Magnitogorsk, unite!

- Dan Gartland

[​via Reddit]

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