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What we hope Bill Simmons will say on his new podcast

The Bill Simmons Podcast debuts Thursday—here’s what we hope he says. 

Bill Simmons, noted Boston sports fan, returns to the media world Thursday with the debut of his new aptly titled podcast, “The Bill Simmons Podcast.”

We haven’t heard Simmons since May 8, when he interviewed Diana Taurasi and Daryl Morey for “The B.S. Report.” In the months after, David Letterman retired, Jon Stewart stepped down, Donald Trump happened and the Pope came to America. So Simmons has a lot to choose from for his first podcast back. Here’s what we hope he talks about.

Getting Fired

Rumor has it Simmons found out he was fired from ESPN via Twitter just like the rest of us. Is it true? We want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Simmons has never shied away from telling it like he sees it—that’s kind of how we got to this point—so maybe he will finally set the record straight on what really happened his last days at ESPN. 

So, The Clippers

On Sept. 7, Simmons sentsometweets about behind-the-scenes issues for the Los Angeles Clippers. What’s going on there? We love NBA drama! We love Los Angeles Clippers drama! We’ve since heard a few details about the Clippers alleged mess, but we want more. Let’s not forget—this team used to be run by a huge racist. The Clippers are capable of being a legitimate trainwreck. Don’t hold back, Bill. 

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Did He Really Like Jalen Rose?

Sure, Simmons wrote the forward to Rose’s book and considers him a very close friend. But did he really like him? Jalen had to annoy you at least once, right? Now is Bill’s chance to start a great Internet beef and tell us what truly went down in the Grantland offices. 


Now that Simmons doesn’t work at Disney anymore, we want to hear all of his crazy gambling stories. What’s the most he ever won? Lost? Did he ever bet against ESPN? (We don’t know if that’s possible, but still.) You have to imagine with all of his free time the last few months, Simmons had the time to place a bet or two. His first podcast will be the perfect time to talk about them. 

The Iran Deal

Hey, why not?