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The University of Florida is using a funny Pokemon Go Screen grab to teast Florida State and Jameis Winston.

By Extra Mustard
July 12, 2016

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Pokemon Go is dominating the national conversation right now, with large swaths of social media dedicated to people finding the monsters in odd places as the game spreads into the real world.

Recently, a Pokemon Go player found a Krabby next to a plate of crab legs and shared his discovery on Twitter.

The University of Florida Public Safety Department saw the picture and it reminded them of some trouble former rival quarterback Jameis Winston once got into, so they decided to tweet about it.

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In case you have forgotten, Winston ran afoul of the law while at Florida State after walking out of a Publix supermarket without paying for crab legs. The star was suspended from the Florida State baseball team for his actions and was required to complete 20 hours of community service.

The Gators may be inspired by some bitterness, as Winston won both games he started against Florida, throwing for a combined 452 yards and five touchdowns in the victories.

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