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Steph Curry tries very hard to be funny by throwing mouthguard again

Stephen Curry threw a mouthguard during a celebrity golf outing.

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Remember when Steph Curry threw a mouthguard right at a fan during the Warriors’ NBA Finals collapse? Steph Curry certainly doesn’t!

Steph played at a celebrity golf tournament over the weekend, and tried super hard to be funny and play the whole mouthguard thing off as a joke.

After a solid tee shot about pin-high on a par-three, Steph went out of his way to run over to a caddy holding a pitcher of beer, grab a mouthguard, and chuck it at someone. It was really odd. Do less, Steph.

Later, and this was actually kind of cool, Steph dove and caught a football before it hit the ground. I thought this guy was supposed to be nursing a bad knee?

I’m sure general manager Bob Myers really enjoyed watching Steph risk his health there. Though if he blew out his ACL, I’m sure they could pull Allen Iverson out of retirement and win 81 games.

– Kenny Ducey