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The opening ceremony featured Brazil boasting about the first flight and Americans came to defend the Wright brothers on Twitter.

By Brendan Maloy
August 05, 2016

The opening ceremony not only serves to kick off the Olympic games but also to introduce the culture and history of the host nation to the world, and on Friday night a large portion of Americans found out that Brazil believes that one of its native sons, and not the Wilbur and Orville Wright invented manned flight.

According to Brazil, Alberto Santos-Dumont’s flight outside of Paris in 1906 was the first human to truly fly, although the Wright brothers had completed several flights in secret three years before, which Santos-Dumont’s countrymen claim did not count for a variety of reasons.

Americans on Twitter were quick to let the Olympic hosts know that while they appreciated the attempt, they were sticking by the brothers from Ohio.

The Opening Ceremony also featured an appearance from supermodel, and wife of Tom Brady, Gisele, who strutted through the arena while the bossa nova classic “Girl From Ipanema” played.

Perhaps Brazil will claim credit for being the first country on the moon during the closing ceremony on August 21.

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