Whose mans is this?

By Daniel Rapaport
March 08, 2017

If you're going to get a preseason tattoo, at least make it a bold one. 

Titans fan Mitcht Firkins got tatted to express confidence in his team's chances for the 2017 season. He didn't go with Super Bowl Champs or even AFC champs, however. He decided to keep things realistic and get this abomination inked on his arm for the rest of eternity. 

How (and why) the premature championship tattoo became the ultimate badge of fan loyalty

I mean yeah, sure, there's a pretty good chance that happens. The Titans lost a tiebreaker to the Texans for the 2016 division title and probably would have won it had Marcus Mariota not gotten injured in Week 16. 

But come on, man! AFC South Champions? How is that worth getting an (ostensibly) non-henna, permanent tattoo?

Look what he captioned the picture—"no negative comments"—I get the feeling this guy looked in the mirror and was instantly overcome with paralyzing remorse. 

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