Five TV sports shows networks should bring back: Traina Thoughts

By Jimmy Traina
May 09, 2017

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1. It was announced on Tuesday that American Idol is coming back to TV after a whooping one year break from being on the air. This time, the show will be on ABC. If networks are looking for revivals, we have five suggestions for the world of sports.

* Friday Night Lights: The greatest sports show to ever air on television needs to come back. Is Coach Taylor still the best high school coach in the land? Has Riggins gotten his life together? Are Saracen and Julie parents yet? Is Smash dominating the NFL. Viewers need to know the answers to these questions. 

* Sports Night: This show about a fictional sports highlight so, was so ahead of its time. Given SportsCenter's transformation over the past few years and the theory held by many that the sports highlight show was dead, Sports Night would have a whole new jumping off point for storylines.

* NFL Primetime: Chris Berman and Tom Jackson are both unemployed now. And while an NFL highlights show is for the most part useless now thanks to Red Zone, Sunday Ticket and the Internet, NFL Primetime will always be the greatest sports highlight show of all time. There has to be a way to team up Berman and Jackson and let them do their thing.

* The Baseball Bunch: There's a narrative out there that baseball is dying with young people. Why not bring back The Chicken, Johnny Bench and Tommy Lasorda and see if you can recreate the magic? Air it on Saturday and Sunday mornings on the MLB Network and see what happens.

* Legends of Wrestling: If you subscribe to the WWE Network, you must check out this show. It was a roundtable show hosted by either Gene Okerlund or Jim Ross. They'd be joined by three other panelists and they'd "shoot" on one subject for an hour or so. There hasn't been a new episode since 2012 and it needs to come back. Here's a three-minute clip that's on YouTube.

Hit me up on Twitter and tell me which sports show you'd like to see come back and why. I'll post some responses in tomorrow's Traina Thoughts.

2. Draymond Green may be a hypocrite for calling Kelly Olynky dirty, but you can't say he doesn't have a sense of humor. The Warriors forward autographed a fan's "Draymond Flop Counter" last night.


3. LeBron James also mixed it up with a fan on Sunday. And by mixed it up, we mean, insulted the fan's footwear.
4. It's impossible to know what is or isn't true regarding the Matt Harvey story. We've read he was partying the night before he no-showed at Citi Field. We've read that he played golf prior to the no-show. We've read that he no-showed because he was watching the Rangers-Senators playoff game. Who knows what to believe. One thing about this saga, though, that we're not buying for one second is that when the Mets sent security to check on Harvey at his apartment Saturday night, the hurler answered the door wearing pajamas. There is no way Matt Harvey wears pajamas. Not even these pajamas.
5. If you're a sports media junkie, check out this new feature that Richard Deitsch and I will be doing periodically for Every so often, I will chat with Deitsch via Slack about sports media topics in the news and we will share the transcript with you. On Monday, we talked about Romo and Cutler going to the booth, Katie Nolan's future at FS1, NBA playoff ratings and more. 
6. Jim Harbaugh and his mitt showed up to last night's Dodgers game.

7. Traina Thoughts covered the mission of Carter Wilkerson, the 16-year-old who tried to get free nuggets for a year from Wendy's. Carter did not hit the mark Wendy's game -- 18,000,000 retweets -- but he has passed Ellen DeGeneres for the most retweeted tweet of all time.

8. "I would like to apologize for saying children in America should have health care. It was insensitive. It was offensive and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me." Keep up the outstanding work, Jimmy Kimmel.


9. THE DAILY ROCK: Here's four minutes of The Rock mocking HHH.

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