Traina Thoughts: Tom Brady doesn't think Tom Brady is that good of a quarterback

Tom Brady doesn't think Tom Brady is that good of a quarterback: Traina Thoughts
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1. Tom Brady has taken modesty to a ridiculous level in a new interview. It's one thing to say you don't think you're the greatest quarterback of all time, but to say anyone could've accomplished what you did is way over the top. The Patriots legend was asked by ESPN if he's surpassed Joe Montana as the greatest QB all all-time. This was his response:

"I don't agree with that and I'll tell you why. I know myself as a player. I'm really a product of what I've been around, who I was coached by, what I played against, in the era I played in. I really believe if a lot of people were in my shoes they could accomplish the same kinds of things. So I've been very fortunate. ... I don't ever want to be the weak link."

Good try, Tom, but you've won five Super Bowls while playing 17 seasons, including one this past season at age 39. No, not a lot of people could accomplish those things, so please don't insult our intelligence. You're a legend. Deal with it.

2. There are 400 daily active users on Instagram. If you believe what you saw yesterday, each and every one of them have the best mom in the world. Go figure. However, leave it to Rob Gronkowski to pass on the generic, cookie cutter, "Happy Mother's Day to the best mom in the world" post. Since Sunday was also Gronk's birthday, he took things to another level with this line in his Mother's Day message: 

"I was graced to give her the best mother day gift ever-Myself, 28 years ago when I was born!"

3. Nothing in sports is sacred anymore. Nothing.

4. Derek Jeter's young nephew is trying to take advantage to the strong connection he has with his uncle.

5. Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has some solid wiffleball pitching skills.

6. Two-year-old Korbin Jackson is becoming an Instagram star thanks to videos like this.

7. We still can't get enough of the Steve Harvey story, so here's Chris "Mad Dog" Russo going absolutely nuts about the talk show hosts' infamous memo on last Friday's edition of High Heat on the MLB Network.

8. THE DAILY ROCK: Stalking The Rock on his website may soon pay off.