This jogger's fight against a raccoon was better than Mayweather-McGregor will be

Fighting a rabid raccoon is absolutely a sport.
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Keep all your hype about Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor deciding to amuse the world together by having the former beat the latter's brains in on pay-per-view. This epic battle between Maine resident Rachel Borch and an unnamed raccoon is guaranteed to be the more entertaining brawl.

HOPE, Maine — While jogging on a familiar, overgrown, wooded trail near her home on a recent warm afternoon, Rachel Borch thought to herself, “what a beautiful day.”

Little did she know she was about to be attacked by a rabid raccoon she would end up killing with her bare hands.

Now that is a lead. With the stage set, let's get to the action:

The raccoon sank its teeth into Borch’s thumb and “wouldn’t let go.” Its paws were scratching her arms and legs wildly as Borch screamed and cried.


Connecting the dots quickly, Borch, then on her knees, dragged the still biting raccoon, which was scratching frantically at her hand and arms, into the puddle.

“With my thumb in its mouth, I just pushed its head down into the muck,” Borch said.

With the animal belly-up, she held its head under water. “It was still struggling and clawing at my arms. It wouldn’t let go of my thumb,” she said.

Shouts to Rachel, who found the strength within her to drown a rabid raccoon like she's the exhausted hero at the end of a blockbuster, fighting off the bad guy.

After receiving a regimen of shots, Rachel is good to go. No word on whether she's going to be booked as one of the openers to Mayweather-McGregor.