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Earmuffs, kids.

By Jon Tayler
July 10, 2017

Being a sports parent sounds like a hard gig. For every success and for all the free tickets in good seats, you also have to watch as your son or daughter struggles, fails or gets their heart broken. Such was the case for the mother of Rockies rookie Kyle Freeland, Susan, who was on pins and needles throughout Sunday's game against the White Sox as her son made a bid for his first career no-hitter, only to lose it with just two outs to go on a single by Melky Cabrera. And what, pretell, was Mama Freeland's reaction to Cabrera's base hit?

Yep, seems about right.

What's truly impressive about that GIF is that both women—Susan and Kyle's girlfriend, Ashley Chrisman—went with the exact same expletive, only Susan went very big with it. And that's understandable: After all, she birthed this young man, raised him, helped him reach this point where he is today. It's only natural that when things don't go his way, she's the one who would be most affected.

Anyway, all turned out okay for Freeland, who didn't get the no-hitter but did get the win. Unreported is whether or not Cabrera got a scolding from Mrs. Freeland about what he did to her son.

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