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Deion Sanders Unpacks Plan For Immediate Improvement Of Buffaloes Players

Coach Prime is working overtime.

Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders is looking forward to his second season with the squad. After a hot start in 2023 (Colorado kicked things off by going 4-2), the club cooled off considerably later in the year, closing things out with an 0-6 losing streak to finish with an uninspiring 4-8 record. 

During a fresh conversation with Zero 2 Sixty podcast host (and former NFL guard) Matt McChesney, Sanders laid out his plan for how he can take his squad to the next level in 2024.

“Win now,” Sanders said. “We don't win in the fall. We don't win in the summer. We start winning right now. Winning starts now. Don't wait on you to feel like you win when you can address it... It's right now, the whole attitude for where you work, where you practice, where you focus, the way you're detail-oriented.”

“I feel as though we 100% got it right. I really do,” Sanders explained. “I'm sitting up there watching things that I didn't see and watching places that we didn't go. I'm watching things happen in walkthroughs that are like, that's it.”

“The details, the details and the teaching of the little things and the commitment to excellence,” Sanders continued. “Now you just because it's a whole new game, it's a whole new day. These guys are serious about going pro and we've improved in every position in all the starters that are returning. They're better because [of] the scheme, because [of] the thought process, because they're familiar energy that they have right now, they're better. So I can sit up here comfortably and say that every position we've got better.”

All this talk is encouraging. Here’s hoping it translates a record over .500 on the field and a bowl game appearance next season for Coach Prine!