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Arkansas football coach Sam Pittman tried to give his wife a "Hogs"-based nickname. It didn't go well.

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Lots of husbands like to give their wives cute nicknames, but as Arkansas football coach Sam Pittman learned, it's best not to have "Hog" anywhere in the name.

Pittman was discussing nicknames for himself with "Always College Football" host Greg McElroy when the conversation came around to Mrs. Pittman.

The coach said he tried to give her some new monikers, one of which didn't quite land.

“I like the Boss Hog, I like Pit Boss, either one of em,” Pittman said. “I called my wife ‘Mama Hog,’ she hated it. You know, I don’t know why, but that’s out. Pit Boss is what I’ve been called for a long time because of the O-line.”

Jamie Pittman has made herself at home in Arkansas since her husband was hired to lead the Razorbacks football program.

And at one time, she did appear to somewhat embrace the "Mama Hog" brand.

“I'm Momma Hog, I guess," she said in 2020. "The boys call me Momma Hog – I don't know if I like that. Momma Hog. It'll be neat, I'm excited."

About his own nickname, Coach Pittman said, “I don’t know what it is, as long as it doesn’t have cuss words in it, I’m happy with whatever they call me.”

Right now, Arkansas fans call him a winning head coach.

Pittman snapped the Razorbacks' former 20-game SEC losing streak in his first year and in his second, won nine games, including a win over Texas at home, beat Penn State by two TDs in a bowl game, and finished No. 21 in the AP poll.

After that success, Arkansas signed Pittman to a contract extension through 2027, after which the coach says his plan is to retire to Lake Hamilton with his wife — who he won't be calling Mama Hog.

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