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VIDEO: Dillon Danis Disqualified In Logan Paul Fight For Bizarre Behavior

Paul and Danis finally had their grudge match.

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis have finally fought.


The two social media stars had some bad blood going into their boxing match on the Prime Card. Danis has been sued by Paul's fiancée Nina Agdal for his slew of troll posts. "El Jefe" also hit Paul in the face with a microphone during their pre-fight press conference, causing a cut.

Many questioned the status of the bout, as Danis and former UFC fighter Mike Perry stared down at the end of the press conference. Paul insisted that the fight was still on, and his words held true.

Paul didn't waste time targeting the body of Danis. Paul threw combinations as Danis blocked. Paul then grabbed a hold of Danis and the two went into the ropes before the referee separated them. Paul managed distance well early on. He kept Danis at bay with his jab. A jab followed by a straight to the body was there for Logan. Paul threw a big right hand to end round one.

Danis wasn't very active and the crowd became restless in round two. Paul split the guard of Danis. There was a looping right hand that landed for Danis. Paul went after Danis with a barrage of punches. He demonstrated relentless pressure near the end of the round.

Some swelling formed on the eye of Danis. An uppercut was there for Logan. Danis laid down on the mat and dared Paul into his guard. Of course, that isn't allowed in a boxing match, but Danis wasn't deducted a point for the gesture.

Early on in the fourth round, Danis landed a punch and went over the top with another punch. Near the end of the round, the two tied up and Danis got in a guillotine choke position.

Danis found his back against the corner, allowing Paul to tee off on punches. "El Jefe" blocked well and got out of danger. Paul made fun of Danis for whiffing a punch. Logan continued to make Danis miss. When the bell sounded, Danis got in Paul's face, and Logan shoved him.

Paul continued to be active, while Danis was fighting not to get finished. Boos rained down inside Manchester Arena. Danis shot in for a takedown, and security nearly broke things up. The referee took one point away from Danis. Soon, chants of "Logan" poured in as he was the far busier fighter.

Danis then went for a guillotine choke, but slipped off. As Danis was down, Paul took a swipe at him. Then, Danis went after Paul in complete disregard for the referee. Security stepped in and this one was called off.

Logan Paul won the fight via disqualification. Here are video highlights of the chaotic ending to Paul vs Danis:


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