UFC’s Max Holloway Honored With ‘Throwdown Bonus' by MMA Promotion With Slugfest Incentive

On the other side of the world, "Blessed" gets a promotional bonus named after him.
Apr 13, 2024; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Max Holloway (blue gloves) fights Justin Gaethje (red gloves)
Apr 13, 2024; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Max Holloway (blue gloves) fights Justin Gaethje (red gloves) / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

One MMA promotion is quick to capitalize on Max Holloway's 'BMF' moment.

The former UFC Featherweight Champion captured the world's attention when he clashed with the ultra-violent Justin Gaethje in the final stretch of their fight at UFC 300. In vintage Holloway fashion, the fighting Hawaiian pointed to the center of the Octagon and swung for the fences, knocking Gaethje out cold with one second to go.

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"If that's not a BMF moment, I don't know what is," new BMF titleholder Max Holloway said at the UFC 300 post-fight press conference of his last-second brawl with Gaethje.

Holloway was awarded an unprecedented $600K performance bonus by the UFC for making 'The Highlight' a part of his ever-growing highlight reel. But, the bonuses don't stop there.

Levels Fight League, an MMA promotion based in Amsterdam, wants to recreate something similar after the madness that was UFC 300. In honor of Holloway, the league is rolling out what they call the 'Max Point Throwdown Bonus' for future events.

How does it work? Well, fighters are given the incentive to point to the center of the ring, "initiating an exchange to put it all on the line" in their bouts for a bigger paycheck.

"We were already huge fans of [Max Holloway] and after that fight we wanted to something in his honour," an LFL representative told Bloody Elbow's Jamie Theodosi regarding the new bonus. "Sure he’s UFC, we’re LFL - but this sport is global and we’re still fans at the end of the day so why not? No one else is doing it."

As for how much money Levels Fight League athletes could make from standing and trading in the pocket, the promotion's representative reveals the brawl-inclusive budget:

“We discussed allocating 5k between 5 fights, so up to 1k a fight if it happens each fight, and we’ll re-assess. But honestly we will judge on a fight by fight basis. If it brings us moments like these we are happy to reward the fighters with more.”

We'll see if any of the fighters take up the 'throwdown' offer at their next event at Levels Fight League 12 this Sunday.

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