Canadian GP Results: Max Verstappen Wins In Montreal After Dramatic Race

The results of the 2024 Canadian Grand Prix.
Jun 7, 2024; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen (NED) in the pit lane during the practice session at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Mandatory Credit: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports
Jun 7, 2024; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen (NED) in the pit lane during the practice session at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Mandatory Credit: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports / Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Max Verstappen won the Canadian Grand Prix after a chaotic race. Joining the Red Bull driver on the podium were Lando Norris and George Russell who crossed the line in second and third position, respectively.

What happened during the Canadian GP?

Formation Lap: The rain is coming down and the track is already soaked with standing water forming.

Lap 1: George Russell maintains his lead from pole position and manages to stay ahead of Max Verstappen. All drivers apart from both of the Haas cars are on intermediates with Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hulkenberg on wet tires.

Lap 3: George Russell is told by Mercedes that this is the worst the rain is going to get for the moment. Magnussen and Hulkenberg are flying on the wet tires, with the former up to fifth position from fourteenth and the latter up to tenth from seventeenth.

Lap 7: Logan Sargeant loses control and lightly hits the wall at Turn 6. A brief yellow flag is put in sector 2 before the American driver back out and continues with the race, albeit at the back.

Lap 8: In the fight for 6th position against Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton cut the chicane so has to give the position back to the Spanish driver.

Lap 8: Kevin Magnussen comes into the pits to change to the intermediate tires but the Haas team do not seem ready, leading to a slow 8.6-second pit stop. The Danish driver, who was in fourth position, is now back in twelfth.

Lap 9: Charles Leclerc is told he is having engine issues but to continue to push. He is losing half a second on the straight.

Lap 10: The sun is now out and the rain has stopped.

Lap 11: George Russell is maintaining his lead, but Verstappen is closing in on the British driver.

Lap 12: Investigation - Daniel Ricciardo is under investigation for a potential false start.

Penalty: Daniel Ricciardo is handed a five-second penalty for a false start.

Lap 14: George Russell is told to expect rain in 20 minutes. The Mercedes driver is concerned about making the intermediate tires last.

Lap 17: Max Verstappen locks up and runs wide at Turn 1 before cutting the corner at Turn 2. This gives George Russell some grace and falls in the hands of Lando Norris running in third as he significantly closes the gap to the three-time champion.

Lap 18: DRS enabled. Lando Norris is within DRS of Max Verstappen in the fight for second. Lewis Hamilton is also within DRS of Fernando Alonso in fifth.

Lap 20: Lando Norris overtakes Max Verstappen for second position.

Lap 21: Amazing news for Lando Norris as he takes the lead of the race from George Russell but it's terrible news for the Mercedes driver as he runs off at the chicane losing another position to Max Verstappen and now runs in third.

Lap 25: Logan Sargeant hits the wall once again and is now stranded at the middle of the track at Turn 4. This is the end of the race for the American driver but thankfully he is okay and out of the car. The Safety Car is deployed.

Lap 26: Interestingly, Lando Norris stayed out whilst those behind him at the front of the grid went into the pits for intermediate tires.

Lap 27: Lando Norris comes into the pits in the hopes that he will come back out in the lead of the race, however, this does not go to plan and he comes out in third position. Max Verstappen now leads the race.

Daniel Ricciardo goes into the pits to serve his five-second penalty.

Lap 29: The Safety Car is ending this lap. Charles Leclerc comes into the pits to change for slick hard tires but seems to do some re-sets before coming back out. It looks as though the rain is imminent so this could be an interesting choice for the Ferrari driver who is running in 19th position.

Lap 30: The race restarts and Max Verstappen maintains his lead. Ferrari tells Charles Leclerc that they think they have fixed the engine issue.

Lap 31: The rain returns!

Lap 31: Alex Albon pulls off an incredible double overtake. The Williams driver overtakes Daniel Ricciardo to be met with Esteban Ocon in front of him, he squeezes through a gap to the right-hand side of the French driver and is now in ninth position.

Lap 33: It was a fail for the Ferrari strategy with Charles Leclerc as he returns to the pits for intermediate tires. He is running last, 1:06.098 behind Nico Hulkenberg.

Lap 40: The rain has eased off and the DRS is enabled again.

Lap 41: Pierre Gasly pits for slick hard tires. The other teams will be looking to the Alpine to see how the slick tires fair in the conditions.

Lap 42: Lando Norris runs off the track at Turn 1. He doesn't lose his third position but his McLaren teammate Oscar Piastri has closed the gap to Norris. Max Verstappen, in the lead, gains from Norris' blunder as George Russell, in second, loses time as he avoids a crash.

Lap 43: Charles Leclerc returns to the pits to retire from the race.

Lap 44: Lewis Hamilton pits for medium tires. Oscar Piastri follows suit but the front 3, Max Verstappen, George Russell, and Lando Norris stay out.

Lap 45: Max Verstappen is called to the pits. George Russell follows the leader but Lando Norris once again stays out.

Lap 46: Lando Norris is under investigation for leaving the track and gaining an advantage.

Lap 47: Lando Norris has been flying on the intermediate tires and has built a 20-second gap to Max Verstappen behind him. Norris pits from the lead and comes out and just loses the lead to Verstappen.

Lap 47: No further investigation into Lando Norris.

Lap 49: George Russell takes second position from Lando Norris. Max Verstappen has reported that the ride of the RB20 is "very bad" and feels "like it's a locked suspension."

Lap 50: Max Verstappen claims he "can't touch the kerbs" with the suspension issues.

Lap 52: George Russell suffers from oversteer and loses second position to Lando Norris.

Lap 53: Sergio Perez suffered from oversteer and lost control on the wet part of the track and ends up in the wall. His rear wing is hanging on by a thread. He manages to get back to the pits but it looks as though some debris is left on the track.

Lap 54: Alex Albon and Carlos Sainz collide. The Ferrari driver lost control and spun around. Albon attempts to get around him but they have contact in the process. Albon ends up colliding with the wall and is stranded by the side of the track. The Safety Car is deployed again.

Lap 55: Mercedes decided to pit both George Russell and Lewis Hamilton.

Lap 55: Sergio Perez is under investigation for driving in an unsafe condition.

Lap 58: The Safety Car has come in. Max Verstappen maintains his lead again.

Lap 60: The Race Stewards confirm that the investigation into Sergio Perez will continue after the race.

Lap 64: George Russell and Oscar Piastri have contact as the former goes for the overtake. Russell goes off the track and loses a position to his Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton.

Lap 66: Lewis Hamilton overtakes Oscar Piastri to take third position and sets the fastest lap of the race.

Lap 67: George Russell overtakes Oscar Piastri for fourth position as Yuki Tusnoda slides across the grass, taking out a bollard. He manages to continue with the race but he is now out of the points.

Lap 69: Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are "free to fight". Russell is currently in third position after overtaking the seven-time champion.

Canadian GP Results

1. Max Verstappen
2. Lando Norris
3. George Russell
4. Lewis Hamilton - Fastest Lap
5. Oscar Piastri
6. Fernando Alonso
7. Lance Stroll
8. Daniel Ricciardo
9. Pierre Gasly
10. Esteban Ocon
11. Nico Hulkenberg
12. Kevin Magnussen
13. Valtteri Bottas
14. Yuki Tsunoda
15. Zhou Guanyu
16. Carlos Sainz - DNF
17. Alex Albon - DNF
18. Sergio Perez - DNF
19. Charles Leclerc - DNF
20. Logan Sargeant - DNF

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