F1 News: Adrian Newey Confirms Future Amid Speculation

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Adrian Newey has announced plans to leave Red Bull Racing by early 2025. The announcement ends months of speculation about his future in Formula 1, and as the race weekend of the Miami Grand Prix begins, he's confirmed his immediate future.

In a move that is set to mark the end of an era for the Milton Keynes team, Adrian Newey, one of the masterminds behind the team's numerous Formula One successes, has confirmed he will depart the team in early 2025 to focus on other projects including the RB17 hypercar. This confirmation comes amid widespread speculation about his next move, which has been a hot topic in the F1 paddock in Miami.

Newey, who joined Red Bull in 2006, played a pivotal role in transforming the team into a dominant force in Formula One. Under his technical leadership, Red Bull Racing clinched 6 World Championships and seven Drivers' and six Constructors' titles, a feat that underscored Newey's design genius. His era at Red Bull also featured 118 race victories and over 100 pole positions, setting a benchmark in the sport.

Reflecting on his time with the team, Newey expressed mixed emotions about his departure.

“Ever since I was a young boy, I wanted to be a designer of fast cars," he stated. "However, I feel now is an opportune moment to hand that baton over to others. I would like to thank the many amazing people I have worked with."

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner was effusive in his praise for Newey:

“All of our greatest moments from the past 20 years have come with Adrian’s hand on the technical tiller," Horner remarked. He also noted Newey's broader influence, not just as a technician but as an inspiration and friend, emphasizing that, "He is also my friend and someone I will be eternally grateful to for everything he brought to our partnership."

With Newey's departure confirmed, speculation about his future beyond Red Bull has been rife. Linked with moves to other top teams such as Ferrari or Aston Martin, Newey himself has suggested a desire to step back from the high-pressure world of Formula 1, at least for the foreseeable future. Lewis Hamilton, soon to join Ferrari, hinted at the potential value Newey could bring to other teams.

"I think he would be a great addition. And if I had to make a list of people I would like to work with, he would definitely be at the top," admitted the 7-time champion.

However, Newey responded modestly to such speculations.

"Honestly, it's very nice of Lewis to say that, I'm very flattered. But at the moment I'm just going to take a bit of a break and see what happens next. I'm lucky that I don't have to work to live. I work because I enjoy it. It's a good time to take a step back and take a break, take stock of life and to travel.

“I will probably travel through France with Mandy, my wife, and the dogs, for example in a camper and just enjoy life. And then maybe at some point I'll be in the shower and say, 'okay, this will be the next adventure.' But at the moment there is no plan."

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