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Many F1 fans have been taking to social media to complain about the amount of influencers who have been invited to the Miami Grand Prix this weekend, despite having any interest in the sport. 

Celebrities and influencers have been invited to Grand Prix events for many years with brands or by the teams, so although it is not unusual, it seems this time it has particularly irked some fans. It could be that Miami was one of the more expensive races to go to so for people with no interest in the sport to have a free pass has not sat well.

The main brand that has come up in fans complaints is Tarte Cosmetics who have invited some beauty influencers to the event. 

One Twitter user posted a suggestion that all of the influencers would have to pass a test in order to be granted access. They wrote:

"Every influencer going the Miami GP should have to list 10 drivers on the grid before they’re let in"

Another disgruntled fan posted:

"I think it's good that I haven't opened TikTok for nearly a week, bc If I do and I see at least ONE video of a f***ing influencer saying "grwm for Miami gp" while they don't know anything I will throw my phone and my self out of the window."

Someone else took to Twitter with a similar complaint, posting:

"No cuz f1 should give Fans paddock passes and the fans could promote the team or sumn but the influencer are so embarrassing they don’t even know anything about f1" [sic]

Here is a round-up of some of the posts from the angry fans.

"so u are telling me Tarte is having a “business trip” to the Miami GP with a bunch of influencers who have never seen a singular race in their entire life?" [sic]

"Me omw to become a beauty influencer so i can go to Tarte’s brand trip to the Miami gp"

"I opened tiktok and the first thing i see is an influencer talking about going to the miami gp"

"Me pulling up to the miami gp pretending to be an influencer/beauty guru so I can get a free paddock pass:"